Noblesse du Lac

Saint-Moritz, Switzerland

Noblesse du Lac

Designed by Hans Jörg Ruch, this chalet exemplifies the spare monastic lifestyle that is the signature aesthetic of the St. Moritz-based architect.

Though chalets are normally intended as refuges to protect inhabitants against harsh elements, this one was also built as a terrace that opens onto the splendid Grisons countryside. The renovation emphasized the inclusion of multiple openings to the outside, like so many picture frames looking out onto the mountains.

The interior adds to the contemplative ambiance

The interior decoration focuses on the essential and forcefully expresses a simplicity enhanced by the warm presence of pieces of artwork. The intentionally restrained palette of colors is made up of those found in natural materials—light and dark woods, flaxen straw chairs around a vast table, a touch of patinaed bronze—that complement the surrounding nature. The same elegant austerity is echoed in every room of the chalet, forming an atmosphere of serenity that serves as a backdrop for the beauty of the site.

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