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Cherish nature

More than a simple inspiration, nature has been one of the principal creative lines at Liaigre for more than thirty years.

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More than a simple inspiration, nature has been one of the principal creative lines at Liaigre for more than thirty years. The taste for nature and the will to cultivate what is consequently “natural”, have contributed to forging the maison’s identity. Materials, tones and colors, simple lines and a wish for harmony, all go into creating a story whose uniqueness is based on love and respect for nature. Tied to the values of authentic materials and durability, Liaigre has made it a style. The approach asserted in the 80’s, independent from trends that existed in design at the time, proved to be visionary and echoes our present concerns.


Texts by par Françoise-Claire Prodhon

Credits : Nicolas Héron, Mark Seelen, Hugo Comte, Romain Laprade, Annette Apfel and Ambroise Tezenas.


Must we say a decision? Let us more rightly say that the choice of working only with natural materials imposed itself in Liaigre’s very first designs. No doubt it was a question of finding a place in the continuity of the French decorative art’s tradition that promoted noble materials, as well as affirming the authenticity underlying a quest for beauty and harmony. 

This choice was also made out of affinity, for the love of wood, stone, leather, natural fibers and the feeling and perception of these materials, which is at the same time reassuring, sensual and tactile.




With the idea of comfort in mind, the aim is to attain luxury that expresses itself without any ostentation, revealing the quality of the materials used. A luxury that “is felt” or “experienced” more than seen, a subtlety that has helped to give the brand an everlastingly elegant image.

This approach has never been denied. The Liaigre material library continues to grow with the team’s «discoveries».



Studio Liaigre mathériauthèque










Each new project develops its own ideas and materials which are most often related to a region, a way of life or a culture, reflecting a principle of design that embraces «taking into consideration» the place, searching to blend in harmoniously. In this logic, the Liaigre team favors local materials or techniques that may meaningfully respond to the environment. An environment that we strive to preserve and value with great simplicity and modesty.

Let us take the example of the chalet in Engadine: the granite stones used in the living room walls originally came from the soil that was excavated for the swimming pool, thus bringing the landscape into the house. Burnt black oak (a process inspired by a Japanese tradition that protects wood from the elements) was used for a project in Japan, enrichening Liaigre’s aesthetic vocabulary, combining beauty and functionality.

The color schemes developed over time reflect the same principle : It is often the colors of the landscape and its specific light that enter the project, unless it is decided to privilege colors reflecting a specific culture. Liaigre’s colors are always linked to natural tones, offering a choice of many shades per color, whether is be white, black, beige, gray, green, blue or red.

A subtle array of shades, playing with mat or shiny textures, depending on whether it is lacquer, leather or natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, silk, linen or cotton. Some elements of furniture or lighting are directly inspired by nature, such as the Bruyère (heather) stool or the buche (log) lamp by Stéphanie Ballini.

Bruyère stool

Bruyère stool

Look at nature, let yourself be guided by landscape, climate, atmosphere and translate its beauty… Liaigre has always defended this instinctive approach, which combined with a deep knowledge of architecture and design, has generated an identifiable and timeless style. Natural and organic shapes: those of a pebble, a wooden log or the veining in marble have sometimes dictated the lines of a design. Materials which can be raw and sometimes transformed (sandblasted wood, lacquer, etc.) are exalted by a meticulous design, leaving no room for any superfluous details, whose apparent simplicity is justified by the desire to let the material express itself and be meaningful.

This view of design adapts itself to the limitations of the natural aspects of the materials: wood aging and the patina of bronze or stone are all taken into consideration, together with many other factors that will prove authenticity over time, to which the house is connected. Choices always come from the same wonder for diversity nature has to offer and the surprises it has in store.

The Liaigre teams are constantly on the lookout for exceptional materials. Take the examples of the green onyx used in the kitchen in Münich, the porcelain tiles which were specially produced by the Nymphenburg Manufactory to decorate the walls of a bathroom, showing the delicate milky tones of kaolin (Münich), the wood species used for the dressing room or staircase, the marvellous cashemere plaids woven in Nepal, which tossed on a sofa, armchair, or bed, making daily life all the sweeter..

The natural poetry that runs through all the maison’s designs and architectural projects is the main theme. It is also one of the fundamentals that defines Liaigre ‘s spirit, contrary to minimalism, as it is sometimes described, in a expression of “awareness”, an opening to its environment which gives it all its strength.

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