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Summer living

The summer, a delightful break that sets a slower tempo, inviting us to nonchalance and the pleasure of our garden, water, sun and clear starry nights…

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The summer, a delightful break that sets a slower tempo, inviting us to nonchalance and the pleasure of our garden, water, sun and clear starry nights. Between the indoors and outdoors, shade and light, summer induces an art of living without any complications. A summer house is a resort, a family refuge that is open and friendly, offering freedom of mind and use. It is a place to relax, to feel peace and calm, far from life’s constraints.

From Ile de Re to St Barths, Corsica to Galicia, Nantucket to Bora Bora, Christian Liaigre signed a large number of summer homes for his clients as well as for himself. In each place, he knew how to impose a style, a sensitive approach linked to his love of the sea and nature generally speaking.

LIAIGRE continues this thought today in all latitudes and climates, in radically different settings, always expressing a desire to increase the scope of the collective imagination that is tied to a holiday home: that of the summers of our childhood or dreams.



It is this «context», which defines the setting and makes it possible to go from a white page to a moodboard, a roadmap that leads to choices of materials, textures and a palette of shades that reflect or sometimes react to what is “taken into consideration”. It is worth mentioning that almost all of LIAIGRE’s furniture and lighting was designed for specific projects, before becoming available in different dimensions and finishes at the maison’s showrooms.

To live harmoniously in the summer is to free oneself from conventions, leaving one’s city clothes and walking barefoot. Houses inevitably adopt this state of mind. This way of life calls for a form of benevolent lightness and Liaigre’s legendary rigor of style, which paradoxically combines perfectly…

Why? Perhaps the precision of a design or lines which are never emphasized become part of the “clean line” style. This expression comes from the Belgium school of comics inspired by Hergé, which seems very appropriate to describe the clean graphic lines that are typical of Liaigre’s design. The simplicity of shapes where every detail is relevant, together with a sense of proportions dictated by comfort and ergonomic requirements have widely contributed to transforming this language into a style that can be identified and which is highly desirable. A design however that favors controlled lines which make it timeless, also owes its elegance to the choice of noble, natural materials. Durable materials, suitable for daily use and a casual style of life, without having to worry about their potential fragility.

You can offer a form of delicacy without having to give up the freedom of use and movement that is a priority at Liaigre. This principle is perfectly in line with a style that goes into designing a holiday home. The interiors are not too sophisticated but have a style that is functional and light, revealing a subtle refinement: tactile materials and a pallet of joyful, relaxing colors. It is a moment of casual refinement and effortless elegance that has always been one of Liaigre’s major concerns, where sophistication favors authenticity.

Wood species such as teak, oak, cedar, walnut, pine, ebony, wood species in different tones and finishes, sofas or seats upholstered in smooth or textured leather, wicker, terracotta, bronze, alabaster, some lacquered furniture, sisal carpets; all in a range of natural tones in harmony with the outdoors.
Sometimes there are touches of more vivid colors in summer homes that act as punctuation, but balance or more precisely harmony is never disrupted. Lines and materials play with natural light, compatible with the season, when the outdoor atmosphere enters the house: terraces, doors and open windows, patios, loggias… Living in summer is to know how to approach the “continuity” of spaces, ensuring their fluidity.

The furniture and objects from the LIAIGRE showrooms that are available for this sale express this point of view. They convey and symbolize the brand’s commitment to its founding values and a DNA with principles that were defined by Christian Liaigre in the mid-1980s, that were enrichened and developed over time and never abandoned.

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