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SL44, a hedonistic dream becomes reality

Behind the name SL 44, is a 44,5 meters superyacht entirely made of aluminium, built by the Italian shipyard San Lorenzo, with interiors designed by Liaigre.

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Behind the name SL 44, is a 44,5 meters superyacht entirely made of aluminium, built by the Italian shipyard San Lorenzo, with interiors designed by Liaigre.


The sponsor and future owner of the yacht had one particular requirement: to combine Asian style with a French touch… The Liaigre team took up the challenge and realized the dream of a hedonist eager to express his idea of way of life of absolute refinement.

To sail offers a perception of space and time that allows us to escape from routine and reconnect with the elements. To be able to admire the sea and gaze at the horizon is a total luxury today.
On a boat, it is all about smoothness: the SL44 expresses its ease and freedom to move through its design and layout. In the cabin, there are no sharp angles, just curves and round lines that give a feeling of immediate softness. A softness that is determined by a need for optimal ergonomics but also by the desire to stir emotions through its architecture.
Moving on board has nothing to do with what happens on land… One’s body is often confronted with walls and the interior spaces are not always conducive for sharing and conviviality.

Sailing on a yacht is primarily living there. The requirements are therefore based on the comfort of the interior and exterior areas and their ability to offer moments of conviviality but also time to rest. Liaigre places the human being in the center of all its projects which leads architects and designers to question people’s movement within a space, mastering traffic, anticipating movement and gestures linked to the architectural elements, furniture and everyday objects.

When it comes to designing the interior architecture, fittings and furniture for a yacht, the question of an optimized space, that is created and managed in the best way or that is simply expressed, is crucial The principles of design and custom-made manufacturing make perfect sense.

The principles of a fusion or dialogue between Asian culture and French style are expressed through subtle details such as the door frames which have a slightly narrower base, in reference to Asian architecture. Similarly, in the large living room, two crystal terrariums hold miniature trees – a nod to the Bonsai tradition.The wood species chosen for this project link Asian aesthetics with French style, combining varnished eucalyptus and light elm that recall the tradition of 18th century woodwork.

With clean shapes and apparent simplicity, the splendor of the layout is revealed through a multitude of details that are not immediately apparent, but which make the difference and characterize Liaigre’S approach and specific luxury design.
There are light ambiances for the day rooms, darker ones for the spaces dedicated to night life and parties, a solarium, swimming pool and beach club that kisses the water. Everything about this superyacht is about relaxation and the art of living.

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