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Yacht Design, an exercise in style

It’s a dream of escape, freedom and discovery. Sailing near or far away, at the speed you want, traveling across the seas of the world, in all climates, breaking free from the daily routine and terrestrial constraints. Exploring……

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It’s a dream of escape, freedom and discovery. Sailing near or far away, at the speed you want, traveling across the seas of the world, in all climates, breaking free from the daily routine and terrestrial constraints. Exploring… The desire to encounter the unknown has motivated people to cross the waters for a long time. For sea lovers this curiosity is insatiable, together with a taste for a life on the water, giving journeys another flavor: that of regained time. People who love navigating know, the relationship with time that gives a sense to the notion of distance has a special flavor, that of hedonism. The Liaigre team are regularly approached to design some of the most beautiful pleasure boats; sail boats or motor yachts, for sporty sailing or cruising.Liaigre excels in this specific domain, expressing a way of life that reflects all the values associated with the company since it was founded.


Texts by Françoise-Claire Prodhon

Credits : Mark Seelen


A universe of fluidity It seems obvious but to navigate on water is above all to perceive another element. Since the beginning of time and the invention of the first canoes to the sophisticated yachts of today, boats face a specific constraint: their design and framework must take the fluidity of the water and the winds into account. They must glide through the water and be able to resist it…

In this context, designing a yacht cabin demands the same fluidity, an even global architectural structure and layout, with smooth transitions. Even when it is docked, the boat is always in movement. The design creates a special connection with the body, the latter is more often confronted with walls than on the mainland!

No hard angles but an eulogy to curves, a principle of ergonomics that hollows out a space for the body, inspiring the design of all the elements of the layout, architecture and furniture. Awareness to the body in the domestic area underlies all of Liaigre projects and not only in the nautical universe… The recurring question is that of movement, mastering circulation, a conception of ergonomics and comfort

That anticipates the gestures attached to each object, whether it is the height of a door handle, or the depth of an armchair or a sofa. There is no fundamental difference between the different universes concerned, Liaigre’s signature is characterized by the priority given to humans, systematically at the center of all projects.

An elegant and pragmatic luxury 

Travelling on water must be a unique pleasure and an exceptional experience.

The yacht layouts are designed to offer optimal comfort and practical solutions to allow daily living without abandoning any of the conveniences of a classic living space.

It goes without saying that each new boat represents a real architectural challenge for the Liaigre studio and its team. It is a question of implementing simultaneously a collection of elegant designs available in very appropriate materials, whilst imagining the versatility of certain furniture elements that make it possible to optimize space and usage. 



















Liaigre’s yachting know-how is revealed through exceptional projects: from the Vertigo (70-meter sports sailboat), to the Seahawk (60-meter sailboat) or the Rosehearty (56 meters), going on to the amazing Cloudbreak, a 76-meter motor yacht designed to get to unusual and distant places around the world…

But the relevance of the design of one of these giants of the seas is only significant if the soul of the boat is fully expressed, and here again the principle of the made- to- measure which has been dear to Liaigre for decades, is the rule.

This development, contrary to the norm, dictates very different responses, involving an aesthetic vocabulary that becomes the signature of each boat. Indeed, it is impossible not to be sensitive to the identity expressed by these yachts: from the luxurious sobriety and technicality of the Vertigo, the alliance of tradition and the modernity of the Rosehearty, to the original design and sophistication of the Cloudbreak.

We find mahogany, teak, pine, blackened or waxed oak, leather and linen, which are all noble materials omnipresent in the history of prestigious navigation and part of the stylistic vocabulary of the Maison. In the yachting world, Liaigre’s signature is a guarantee of quality and extreme refinement. Materials, layouts and finishes reflect the expression of a unique style, synonymous with exception.

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